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I first thought about trading my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan for a 2019 Kia Sorento V6 AWD because my main goal is to gain the AWD and also increase my towing capacity a bit more than 3600 LB. I chosen the Grand Caravan back in 2016 because it was the cheapest V6 vehicle on the market with a 3600 LB capacity to tow my pop-up camper (or a small travel trailer eventually). I only have 2 kids so I don't absolutely need a 7-passengers vehicle, except that I like spacious vehicle and I also bring some extra family member on a trip, but never more that 6 passengers total. I know that any compact/mid sized 7-passengers SUV like the Sorento only feature a very small 3rd row seats only suitable for kids or very short adults.

Now, I saw some very attractive rebate on the 2019 RAM 1500 Classic (17,000$ OFF MSRP in Canada) currently, so I can actually obtain a very well equipped pickup truck with 4x4 and the 3.6L V6 (same as my Caravan, but 20 more HP and matted to a 8-speed) for pretty much same final price than a Kia Sorento! I am looking at pretty loaded SXT PLUS model with the front bench seat, so I still have a very spacious 6 passenger vehicle! Based on EPA rating, the V6 RAM 1500 should do pretty much the same gas mileage as the Grand Caravan. The RAM 1500 V6 4x4 crew cab short box is rated to a very good 7300 LB towing capacity, which is way much that needed, considering that all the travel trailer that we are looking at are somewhere around 3400-3500 LB. I absolutely don't want the HEMI engine, because of poor gas mileage for a daily driver, I know that fully loaded the V6 will have similar gas mileage than the HEMI, but I only do VERY occasional towing. The 3.0L Diesel is too expensive as an option and proven to be HIGHLY unreliable!

I am very comfortable driving a larger vehicle and I am not worried about the overall RAM 1500 Classic reliability, because after all it's the well know older generation that are on the market since 2011 and proven not to be a bad truck... I am a bit concerned about gas mileage for a daily driver usage, however based on the specs, it should be extremely similar to the Caravan.

Is there any actual RAM 1500 V6 owner here? Is there any major CONS I forgot to consider? 馃

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Tire replacement maybe. Are you using regular tires or SUV tires on your Van? Truck tires are expensive. A longer wheelbase is better for sure, when towing, but not so great for parking. Similar fuel mileage ........... sounds good in theory.

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I just bought a used 2018 Ram 1500 crew cab to replace my town and country. I also pull a trailer regularly, and my kids are old enough now to open doors without bashing other vehicles so I don't need the sliders anymore. The discount to go used was huge vs even a RAM classic. Mine is a Bighorn edition with the Hemi. It's actually equipped pretty similararly equipped to my old T+C, with of course newer Uconnect system. They handle and ride pretty well for such a big truck, but you won't forget that it's a much larger vehicle than the van. The crew cab is very spacious and my kids love it. I know you're looking at a V6, but I really like the V8. So far my mixed mileage is worse than my old van, but not by as much as I expected(only 1 or 2 MPG). My commute to work is rural highways and a couple towns to drive through and I average right around 21MPG doing that... which is what the van did. At higher speeds the mileage drops though, and in town it's pretty hungry for gas.
I really like the newer 8.4" uconnect system (same as in my wife's Pacifica), and the stereo isn't half bad either. The V8 can tow ~8000 lbs even with the standard 3.21 differential (which my truck has). I still only have a little popup, but have plans to upgrade that in the next year or two so I wanted decent towing ability. Good luck with your decision and search!
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