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Ive got a 1988 voyager se Auto 3.0

A couple months back it started hesitating slightly when giving it gas from either a stop or when accelerating from very slow speeds as if slowing for a red light but then it turned green. This did not happen every time but did increase in regularity over time. It seemed to do it more after it warmed up.

After a month or so i noticed an ever so slight hesitation at high revs and on hills (under load). It stayed that way for about a month with no problems other than u wanted to make sure u had plenty of room when pulling out into traffic in case it started hesitating. The van never stalled out nor did it ever have problems starting.

This past weekend we took it on a much longer freeway drive (about 4 hours each way). After nearly 3 hours it would intermittently lose power for short periods . It did not buck, nor did it stop running and it didnt lose power gradually. It would basically just start idling. When i pushed the gas it would not rev. It seemed if i eased the gas very lightly it would ease back and i could maintain driving. As long as i maintained speed/throttle it seemed to be fine. If i push accelerator to pass or speed up after slowing down (especially on hill) it became more pronounced and frequent.

Second half of trip it happened much more often and i had to pull over many times due to loss of acceleration (never stalled out, it just idled and idled fine still in gear). After one stop for snacks it did not want to start, we waited about an hour and it started right up. We proceeded to drive but the problem returned and was more frequent. I would pull over, wait a few seconds to minutes messing with accelerator and then would resume normally . Eventually it become much worse and started doing it intermittently even at steady throttle. Near home It was happening regularly and half the last few miles were spent idling it down the side of road to home.

The following morning i pulled it around back to check it out and it started and ran fine. Turned it off than turned it back on and now it only runs a couple seconds then it dies. Cranks right up every time. sometimes it will lope n spit (maybe lil misfire/backfire?) a lil bit then die, sometimes idles like a champ for a few secs than dies.

The only code i get is 37 which i read is common mistake code in this model. Ive replaced fuel filter. checked and cleaned connections. I can hear fuel pump for split second when i turn key on and then again after it dies. I have beat on catalytic converter. I seem to get good pressure out of exhaust pipe. i did notice a lil black residue on ground after i started it after beating on converter but no black smoke. It has always smoked a lil bit of smoke at start up but nothing bad. I sprayed throttle body cleaner in throttle body, cleaned tbs.

Im driving a 88 minivan so obviously i dont have a ton of bucks to be buying parts. I realize it could be a multitude of things as one thing can affect another. But in order where would u start?

I got this van a couple months ago. It was a 1 owner van 160k miles and had regular maint and is in better shape than most.

One other thing, but Im not 100% positive of. It seems to be sucking air air harder than normal at times. when we stopped mid trip and had to wait an hour for it to start it made large sucking of air sounds i hadnt heard it make before. Now i have air cleaner off so of course its louder because of that but it seems to get even louder right before it dies.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. TYVM!

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My best guess with the info you gave is a dead fuel pump or a dying engine controller.
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