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I STRONGLY encourage ALL members to read our Forum & Site Legal Policies which are located here -->>

And specifically this section:

5. No derogatory comments (AKA bashing) of any kind are allowed, personal or otherwise. Respect each other in the use of this board and in your comments to each other.
As our comminity gets larger, all our Moderators will be more stingently enforcing these policies to ensure that our community stays fun, friendly, informative and a community people are wanting to be part of. This community is also a family orientated community so we ask all members to remember and respect that standard.

Also, our Moderators and Administrators are all Volunteers. They get paid nothing and do what they do because they believe in this community as I do. The decision of a Moderator is final. do not challenge a Moderator's decision or you will have to deal with me. And my decision is the last word.


Treat our Moderators and Admins with respect, and they shall do likewise. Challenge, chastise, or otherwise provoke and you will deal with me.

Thank-you for your attention.
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