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If you have a 3.0, this might help if you seem to have a vacuum leak you can't pinpoint. I discovered this on my daughter's own 3.0...

She came over one day and was getting annoyed by a persistent whistle during cruise, which disappeared when the gas pedal was pressed but reappeared when the speed evened out. After inspecting all hoses, tubes, accessories, etc., I replaced her EGR valve...


Finally, it seemed good to pull the intake system and put in all new gaskets and injector o-rings. New gaskets were put in with thin coats of red RTV, and when prepping the plenum for reinstallation, I wiped it down good...and noticed something a bit shocking: a LOT of spider cracks all over the underside of the plenum, completely out of sight from normal view. I could've just RTVed the cracks, but instead went to the local yard and searched for another plenum...and found a few that were also cracked noticeably. One popped up that was flawless, so it was purchased, cleaned and installed on the van.

The problem was solved: runs a little cooler, is a bit peppier, gets better mileage...and the whistle is gone. So, if you own a 3.0, you might want to check the underside of the plenum. The plenum-only gasket kit is cheap, and the complete intake kit is $16. Shouldn't take too long for an adequate DIYer.

And, you might wanna check that EGR valve, too. Pre-'96 EGRs are cheap, but the 96-up EGRs are a bit pricier, even though they look identical. Old one are a significant vacuum leak source. Hope this helps.
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