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Just fixed my sliding door lock actuator so thought I'd share with everyone. I'm guessing there a lot of people living with this issue.

After purchasing my van I started searching YouTube to figure out what that damn buzzing sound was when my doors unlocked. Apparently it's a common problem and not a really expensive part but a bit of a nightmare to get at. Searching a little further I found this great video showing an easier way to go about it using a generic actuator..

Caravan Sliding Door Lock Easy Fix

I'm up in Canada and wanted to fix this asap so I bought a pair of actuators(1 for a spare) and a door fastener remover off Amazon. It arrived the next day and I did the install this morning using his video for guidance on where the door fasteners were located. Worked like a charm and took maybe 30 mins.

Actuators are $5USD or less if you buy multiples and come with the hardware you will just need wire..

Actuator on
Actuator on

BTW my door did not have the rubber filler piece he shows in his vid so I only drilled holes in the plastic above that hole and mounted the actuator with zip ties.
Worked great, very solid. I'm guessing mine was different as I don't have power sliding doors..



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