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First thing is I would like to thank the forum for the info in the above sticky's. I was able to find the exact repair part I needed.

A little back story. I'm having issues with the the blind spot detectors. I have so far taken the drivers side module to give it a once over. Took it apart and gave it a look over for any soldering issues or water contamination. No water but did find some solder joints that were questionable. This whole time I had the connector/harness pushed up into the bumper. I had it covered it so that road debris wouldn't get into the harness or connector. At some point in time it falls out of the back bumper and my nine month old german shepard decides he needs to play with it. Any way I now have a damaged harness with no more connector on the end. Ive been able to find the exact repair kit I need. (68148101AB). Unfortunately most places are selling this connector for close to a hundred dollars. I'm thinking that's way to much. Maybe you guys know some place that might sale them for cheaper. If not then I guess I'm going to just solder the wires directly to the module and just apply a good amount of silicon to keep the water out.

Any help is appreciated.
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