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Hello all! Yesterday my wife was driving her 2008 Chrysler Town and Country when she stopped to get gas. When she was going back to the drivers door she noticed that smoke was coming from under the hood. Upon opening it up she saw her alternator was smoking, and then caught fire. Fortunately she was beside a contractor who grabbed some sand and put the fire out. Besides another Town and Country, what other vehicles might I look for at the salvage yard to find a replacement? Any ideas?


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If it did in fact smoked, I wouldn't try to rebuilt it. Rebuilders use aftermarket rotor and stator, lower quality than O.E.

You are better off buying one from a junk yard.

Use the link provided above to find out other applications.


Buying from a junk yard doesn't guarantee your are buying a O.E. unit, especially if removed from older vehicle.

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Yes, an OE unit that caught fire. Get a unit with a warranty from Advance or similar. They give you credit for your core, a warranty, and 20% discounts you can find online all day long.
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