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Once again Welcome to our site. What you see here is but a small sampling of what we currently have to offer and will have to offer in the future.

Our forums currently have over to 20 areas of discussion available to our members including areas dedicated to each generation of Chrysler Mini-Van. But you have to be a registered member to view all areas of our forums.

Once you are registered, you will find areas of discussion which cover everything from mechanical components to detailing and care advice. Important Press Releases from Chrysler Corportation will be posted for everyones information. As well, as we gain sponsors, we will have contests and offer prizes to winners of those contests.

This site is NOT....and I repeat NOT associated with the Chrysler Corporation and or Daimler Chrysler in anyway whatsoever. What we are is a site that has been put together by a owner and driver of Chrysler mini-vans who has become a fan after seeing what his previous mini-van (a 1988 Plymouth Grand Voyager) was able to do.

So please pour yourself a coffee and get the grease cleaner out and have some fun discussing your experiences with Chrysler Mini-Vans you currently own or have owned.

Glen Millar
Site Administrator
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