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My van experienced the "tic".
So I replaced the bank 2 exhaust camshaft and all 12 rockers and pushrods. The timing was set correctly and everything buttoned back up nicely.
When i went to fire it up, the engine started on the second crank and everything sounded great.
After about a minute of it idling the check engine light came on and the idle dropped to 400-550 rpm.
I slowly revved the engine and it climbed the RPMs without hesitation and then after a few light revs, the check engine light begins to blink.
After that the engine was hesitating when pressed down on the pedal.

I connected my scanner and discovered a few codes. (I forgot the code number, just going off memory)
Pending codes:
Multiple misfires
Idle is less than desirable

Permanent codes:
Cylinder 4 misfire
Bank 2 air to fuel ratio incorrect
Oxygen sensor Bank 2/sensor 1. (High frequency?)
Oxygen sensor Bank 1/sensor 2. (High frequency)

I erased the codes but they never seem to get erased.
Im wondering if theres a way to do a hard reset or something to get rid of the permanent codes?

Along with the cam and rockers i replaced:
Cyl 4 coil
2 oxygen sensors
The plenum gaskets
Spark plugs

Do the injectors have the tendency of getting blocked? I thought maybe i could replace the injectors. Im stumped on what it could be.

Anyways thanks for reading and any info is greatly appreciated.

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Disconnecting your battery, waiting a few minutes and reconnecting it should do a hard reset. This will reset everything including saved channels on your radio, etc.

Did you replace the cylinder 4 coil due to a misfire before you replaced the parts mentioned?

You’ve already replaced the spark plugs, o2 sensors, and an ignition coil, that just leaves the fuel injector left. However it may be an internal issue with the engine.

How many miles are on the engine? I suggest you check the other coils just in case, swap them with cylinder 4, (basic tests to check for misfires). You can also check compression on all cylinders.

Besides that, I would advise going over all the repairs you did to confirm everything was done correctly. I was changing spark plugs on my van and it started misfiring after the replacement, turns out i mixed up the spark plug wires. Maybe you just made a simple mistake.

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Since the old cam rounded both exhaust lobes, it may have blown out the cylinder before you replaced the parts. Compression would have built in the cylinder and it would have nowhere to go except through the piston rings.

Soak the cylinder with oil overnight, then make sure all the oil is out and crank it up. If that doesn't work, you may be looking at an engine rebuild.
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