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My son has our old minivan now, and recently he began having problems getting the van to start. He also reported the he couldn't get the gear selector to register Park ( P ) or Neutral ( N ), and that made sense why the van wouldn't start, then, because of the various lockouts.

After some searching and sleuthing in these and other forums, I decided that the most like cause was a bad wire on the Range Selector Switch of the transmission. This indeed was the cause of the problem. I found an obviously broken and corroded wire in the bundle to the range selector switch connector. I repaired the bad section of wire (I did re-use the connector pin) and re-taped the bundle and the van now consistently shows the correct gear selection and starts when in P or N.

Pictures of the actual connector location were hard to find, so I took some and attach them here to the post for the next person trying to solve this issue. I took the battery and battery tray out to make the repair and take the pictures, but honestly, all the repair work was done from under the vehicle. For the next person making this repair, I don't think you need to remove the battery, just access the connector from under the van.

This is the second repair I've had to make to this van that was due to a broken/corroded wire. The other repair was to a wire going to the Fan Control Relay at the front of the van (it's mounted to the front bumper support). That thread is here - unfortunately the picture links in those threads no longer work:

On both of these wiring problems, I think the main issue is that the wire bundle was wrapped/"protected" with a hard plastic sheath. What wound up happening is that vibration over time allowed the end/edge of the sheath to nick the wire, allowing moisture past the wire insulation and corroding the copper wire until it got brittle over time and broke. When I re-wrapped the wire bundles in both cases (once the bad wires were repaired), I cut back the hard plastic sheathing, and then wrapped the bundle with electrical tape from inside the edge of the sheath and then down the bundle to further protect the wires.


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