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  • FabricGATOR ·
    Hi shipo,
    What is the situation with new member DFDULA?

    He contacted me asking how he gains permission to post. Perhaps he replies to an email to verify? I see that you have viewed his profile just before me.
    I hesitate to reply lest I let him into my hardrive like inviting a vampire into the house... Those hackers are getting better and better these days.
    I don't appreciate being singled out for supposedly posting an "inflammatory" message when clearly several fireballs were thrown my way by several more-senior members, particularly "LEVY", in recent weeks. There are a few members here that take it as a personal offense if you don't follow the letter of their personal auto-ideology. Why am I not allowed to offer my thoughts and opinions, and defend them when challenged? I have not personally attacked anyone, save one instance when a member tried to discredit a post of mine for not being unnecessarily specific (he damn-well knew what I was saying, but wanted to be a jerk anyway). Full disclosure: I called him a Canucklehead.
    I'm happy to back up anything I say here and so everyone else should be. Such is the nature of discussion. I will call foul though when the powers-that-be pick winners and losers in a forum of opinions.
    highe ·
    I have a question.
    Abs light is off and on and brake light after changing rear rotors and pads took it and had it scanned at the auto parts store
    They said code 10 came up - over ride control module power source missing... what does this mean?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Ed high
    Megamail ·
    I don't know if you can answer this but I inadvertendly put diesel fuel injector cleaner into the gas tank of my 2003 voyager. Did I really screw up?
    Jsalewicz ·
    Hi I'm trying post a question but can't find out how to how do you? . Here's my question I have an 03 w/ 140k I went to start van after work and started to start made a noise and did not start. I restarted all seemed fine. I was driving down the road and pressed brake pedal and I had to use a lot of force to stop. When I got to my destination put in park I noticed the rpm were higher 2 vs 1.2.
    What happened? I just bought this van a few weeks ago from an individual.
    DASander ·
    I have just discovered that my number six exhaust valve is burned. I will be pulling the head off tomorrow and beginning the repair. (Pic in the 3rd gen section)
    You have demonstrated a great deal of knowledge with these engines, and have been inside a few. Do you have any idea what would cause the valve to burn? The last time I fixed a burned valve it was on a '54 Bentley. I have never seen this on a modern engine.
    This engine has always used coolant and oil, I'm kind of curious to see what I will find inside.
    Any tips for the the repair?
    imickey503 ·
    Hey shippo You get something from 400m about looking for the FTP site? When will people learn?

    Ok Your choice. Should I send him to the Gay porn site, or should I give him the link to the public library.

    Or just tell him if he tilts his screen enough, he will see the hidden link ROFL... Just imagine if he has a CRT! LOL
    RIP ·
    By any chance do you live near Portsmouth? I was stationed at what used to be Pease AFB in 85-87. Since it closed I've often wondered what happened to the "gate guard" planes that were on display. I read the B-29 went to Whiteman AFB, Mo along with the 509th wing. That leaves the KC-97, B-47 and B-52 unaccounted for. Any idea where they went? Just hope it wasn't the local smelters.

    BTW - Were you born in Pa? You and my brother-in-law could pass as twins. Beard and all.
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