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  • 04anniversaryedition ·
    I too haven't seen any harm or spam that Road Ripper is causing. He has contributed to this forum and helped a lot of people in need. All these people who say that he posts bad things or is impolite is surly joking, I'd like to see a post where he actually did that. So people stop trying to tear down this site, its just not nice to Road Ripper.Jokes aren't funny sometimes you know.
    imickey503 ·
    Road ripper Is a problem? Blasphemy!

    I've been officially voted the worst member on the forums by far.. (we took the pole at Pizza hut when we got kicked out of the taco bell for disorderly conduct.) Who knew you could not piss in the soda fountain? Anyways, I never saw any problems with this fellow. Course,

    What do I know? I'm an idiot. I know nothing. Have you seen my attempt at a brake job?

    So I don't really know Road ripper so well. But I have never had issue with him. But he seems like a he is a male in his 30's Loves Old westerns, and like to watch movies on how to grow tomatoes. Or was that Fried Green Tomatoes.. I get that mixed up some times.

    Anyway, Road Ripper seems like he has contributed to the community in some positive ways. And I never see him post spam, so I think any complaints about his posts are kind of a joke.
    JoeBarth ·
    Hi. I posted some pictures of the door track repair. That definitely was the hardest part of the project. They are in my profile. Couldn't figure out how to get them into the post.
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