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  • Stimus ·
    Hello Jeepman - could you please delete my two threads in the For Sale board WRT a decoupler pulley. I want to start a fresh thread with a lower price to avoid confusion with the higher original asking price.

    Best Regards,
    2007jap ·
    JEEPMAN when I asked about tail lights , I should have mentioned they are led's and both sides work, one side is brighter than the other,maybe the stop? but there is definitely both sides working, I took it to my shot an connected the socket to an analyzer I have an removed the led and did the same thing. so I guess there is something in the wire or maybe a fuse, I probably need a wiring diagram if can find one.
    fuzeman ·
    He has his at the bottom of his basement stairs and I have yet to place it. I was wondering how across the border would effect it.
    Maybe it's time for me to get an enhanced license, I haven't been in Canada in years.
    If you're sure, I guess 1994Sport is next on the list, after that I'll pop it on the for sale area.
    Jeepman ·
    The notification didn't come up previously so I wasn't aware of the message. Thanks for the offer but no thanks as shipping/customs duties would increase the price considerably. Where are you using the mat?
    fuzeman ·
    Not sure if uninterested or just wondering how much it would be. He got three of them I think and it was cheap so let's call it $10 plus shipping , if interested.
    Not good with messages here so maybe I missed your reply.
    fuzeman ·
    Brother got a few of these a while back and just let loose of them. I got one and was wondering if you would like one?

    Far as I know there is only one more and Fluid Film got you first dibs. I'll find out how much he paid and then add shipping and that's what it would cost.
    I'd be willing to drive an hour if you pass near western NY.
    johnandbre ·
    Jeepman, how do I post a question? I send a message to the site administrator but haven't heard back. Could you please assist me in getting started?
    Active8 ·

    Thanks for reading my post, and I am trying to help the O.P. regarding his issues with his vehicle.

    What time is it where you are?
    fuzeman ·
    Crawling around underneath I have definite rust splotches around some seams, thought I'd hit them. Already got 1 nice hole under driver door so going to get in there. It was 'Rust-Stop'ed after purchase so I can probably use the holes they used to cover alot of stuff.
    Thanks for info.
    fuzeman ·
    Hi Jeepman,
    Saw in one of your posts you mention Fluid Film and am probably going to get some. Is it worth getting that extension wand or can I buy something or even maybe make something for less.
    Thinking about a gallon, and slathering the bottom LoL, and a 3pack of spray cans and maybe give one of those to older Brother.
    Thanks. fuzeman
    Hodges710 ·
    Hello jeepman, didnt think that one thread would of been deleted, there were no true bad mouthing or such. You can have millions watch the same game and not see the play/action the same which was/is my point on road ripper along with the few that said they saw him doing nothing wrong.
    chayes ·
    I have a 2002 Grand Caravan w/ 3.3. My A/C compressor froze (locked-up) a long time ago and I disconnected the electric plug from the compressor so the clutch could not be engaged. Now the clutch is starting to make noise. I want to remove the A/C compressor and run a shorter belt.
    Any idea what length belt? Any advice?

    Thanks, Chris

    P.S. I am a member not a visitor but I see no way to start a new topic on the forum?
    jgbat ·
    Again I am humbled at the offer. I really appreicate you.

    Jeff Batson
    424 Stevens Rd.
    Jefferson City, TN 37760

    Thank you again!
    Jeepman ·
    Up until recently, the CTC filters were made by Fram and were a basic filter, nothing special, probably equivalent to the Fram PH16, Wix Standard, Mopar, Ford FL-1A, etc with nitrile, instead of silicone anti drainback valves, an ordinary cellulose filter media, and multi pass efficiency around 95% (better filters are 99%). The Fram CPH Wearguard series, CTC carries, may be a special CTC edition, don't know.
    As for Chinese filters, I would avoid until I knew more about them.
    My preference is the Fram Tough Guard, available at Wal Mart or, if going for a standard, entry level filter, the Mopar 3.5" x 3.5" filter made by Wix ($2.79 my price at the Dealership)
    ianitrix ·
    hey bud I was reading some of your posts here on oil filters and wanted to know if the old filters for an 03 from canadian tire are good filters. I notice they have 2 different ones, on is made in USA and the other China. I bought a few of the made in usa. Just wanted your opinion.

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