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  • buzztenwood ·
    Sorry, I just realized that you had responded to someone else's post. Nonetheless, I would be interested in any further explanation. We never had that sound until this week.


    Hello Jason: Did you ever get the "brake pedal clicking sound" (your post in 2008) to stop? My wife's 2001 (only 37k miles) just started doing the exact same thing. It started this week after the dealer replaced a CD player. Of course they claim their work had nothing to do with it and that it is only a sound, "not a problem." Thoughts?

    Thanks, David
    voyager boy ·
    hey bro..whats a shipo?? i keep readin it on ppl posts what does it mean..

    i got a 199 plymouth grandvoyager se 3.3 liter with 103,465k on the clock
    rjohs ·
    What ever became of your parents Grand Cherokee drone/vibration issue back in 2005? The last post had them waiting on a muffler.........
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