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  • SteveMI ·
    How do you "Say Thank You ... For This Useful Post"? I looked in FAQ and tried all kind of right clicks with no success.

    Billygoat ·
    Thanks Glen. Could you tell me how to post (and then recover) a question (mechanical). I'm having a little trouble figuring out how this site works.
    Maggie617 ·
    Thank You Glen! Also need someone who can help me with my 2007 Chrysler Town and Country Boyfriend and I got a jump last night let it run a little while than shut it off and started up again after, This morning it was dead. Jump it won't start again and battery seems dead... Was hearing a clicking noise when we shut key off and took out checked relays and fuses seems no problem there due have an alarm came with it wondering maybe stopping car from starting and this happening! Don't know what to do never had problem until now. Thanks for all and any help on my problem.
    rnew ·
    Thank you,

    I have a question about my 2005 T and C. Last night it would not start. Battery tested good. The problem was the anti-theft would not unlock the doors to start. I pulled the iod 20 and put back fixed the problem. But id did it again this morning. any suggestions?
    blainer1 ·
    Thank you. I've got a 2009 Town & Country that we love. I hope this site will assist me to do some of the repairs at home. I've already gotten information on how to repair the heater hose assembly that started leaking.
    edwin1372 ·
    Hi, my name is Edwin I am extremely happy to find your forum. I need a little assistance This the first forum i have ever joined and i don't really know how to start a fresh forum. I am having a weird issue with my Caravan, It will not shut off unless I pull negative wire off. (now key in ignition either). If I try place cable back on van tries to turn on.......this is a new one on me LOl. well thank you, again I am glad I found your forum.....
    dun4now ·
    Hi Glenn.
    Sorry for the bother but again my middle margin is cutting off the last post arrow on members with a long user name.
    Its not my display setting as you resolved the last one with angrysmileyface.
    maxbaby ·
    Hi Glenn
    Love this forum, and sorry to hear that you've been hacked. I just realized too that you are in Edmonton, and so am I. Best of luck with your fight to get the domain back. I would hate to see this site go offline permanently.
    Oldcrow ·
    Hi Glenn. Gosh I'm sorry to hear about the Hacking.. I hate these kinds of people. I know just how you feel, it's like being violated..

    I just had a web forum of mine with almost three hundred members, Hacked by some creep in Yugoslavia, completely destroyed the forum, and the database was beyond repair.. Then this creep leaves a big fancy image on the screen about being proud he Hacked my forum..

    I sure hope your successful in getting all your property back..But being an outside country it's probably close to impossible.. These Domain holding companies have to be held more responsible, than just taking your money and giving you a DNS number..

    Good luck Glenn..
    De Hill ·
    Hi Glenn,

    I have a question , Is this the Chrysler minvan fan club, or is it a discussion group where chrysler minivans can be routinely damned by those who dislike Chryslers?

    In the past , I have seen people banned from this site for contunuously criticizing Chrysler products.

    De Hill
    Glen Millar ·
    If someone has blocked ads on the site, that "could" block the Donate button as well. It is located just below the banner ad on each page it shows on (usually top and bottom of home page and as well Topics page. If you still cannot find it, go to PayPal and use the Send Money feature to send your donation to [email protected]

    shipo ·
    Hey Glen,

    I've been looking in vain for the "Donation" button/link, and I simply cannot find it. Is it just me or are there lots of us members that cannot see it?

    Best regards,
    greensleeves ·
    hi glenn, just to warn you and other members that a junior member "CSP" has slotted me for $70 for a set of matts i didnt recieve them and he has done it to another member (who i cant remember his name)... just thought i would make you aware of this. i realise its not your problem, but maybe you could post a buyer beware!! or something.... cheers paul
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