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    Hi Fuzeman;
    Under the vehicle isn't the worst area for corrosion but spray it anyway. I also spray inside the frame rails, and up over the gas tank and spring boxes, gas, brake, heating/cooling lines, cables, inside the rear axle, up through the spare tire openings, backside of engine where heater pipes, hoses are, in behind the rear bumper, in the engine bay, behind the headlights, etc., etc..

    The rocker panels, door/hatch/hood panels need protection and lubrication. Fluid Film is a great lubricant. Basically the hidden areas and there are numerous hidden areas.

    I use an 8 gallon compressor (can be carried around) and an undercoating gun with wands. Using the spray cans is cumbersome especially for the hard to get at areas. Longer straws/wands help get into those areas better.

    Here's a good site to look at:

    Another good site to look at:
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