2005 Dodge Caravan heater/ac blower fan

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Thread: 2005 Dodge Caravan heater/ac blower fan

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    2005 Dodge Caravan heater/ac blower fan

    I had heat yesterday, but this morning I had none...
    Checked the wiring, fuses under hood but don't know if there is a fuse inside the van or if it could be the blower motor. Any help out there?

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    Sounds like you have a good start on your troubleshooting. my guess would be that on such a new van, you are going to find that either the resistor pack is out, or the motor has gone south.

    Actually, it could be both if the motor went bad first drawing too much current, then overheated the pack and made it fail.

    If you are not under warranty, I would check the pack first as it is cheap. You should find it under the passenger side of the dash mounted into the air box. Look for a 3-5 wire harness attached to the box with 2-3 screws.

    Remove the screws and gently remove it. Sometimes you can tell by its appearance or smell if it has failed.

    Should this not be the case, I would look at the motor next.

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    I'm not up on generation 4 vans but on generation 3 vans if the blower doesn't even work on high it points to the blower motor, switch, relay, or fuse and away from the resistor block. The high speed position bypasses the resistor block.

    Disconnect the blower motor connector. Using a multimeter check for voltage with the switch in all positions. If you see voltage change the blower motor. As a backup you can measure the resistance of the motor winding at the connector on the blower motor. Should see several hundred ohms. If you see infinite (an open) meaning the needle doesn't move, the motor winding is shot.
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    Agree with RIP about the resistor block. Just replaced one on my 2003 TJ. Interesting unit costing about $25.00 Canadian for the Jeep. If your blower works on high (resistance doesn't come into play at this setting) then the resistor block is the likely problem.

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    I agree, too. Only thing to add is if you are going to replace the relay, take the old one with you to the parts counter. I did this and saved myself some grief. Some are different from others depending on the options in the system. Also, there have been some improvements to the design in the last year or so. The parts guy will know once he sees your part.
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    i know it's been a while since anyone responded to this, but i have a similar problem; the front blower doesn't work on any setting, the back blower is fine.

    it seems to me the fan is the issue then as i have replaced a fuse and swapped the relay with the rear blower, but still nothing.

    how easy is it to get to the fan to replace or check another web search revealed this may involve dismantling the AC??

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    It is a world of fun.
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    On another thread it was posted that the problem may be the blower motor resistor:


    I have posted the following there and am hopeful of a reply:

    "I too am having the same problem on my Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8 liter with the front blower not working at any fan speed on my three zone auto climate control, where the third zone is the rear and that is working properly. Since I am not handy with a soldering iron, can someone please tell me where I might get the blower motor resistor at the approx $22 I have seen posted here? I have been all over online and have only seen prices much higher for the ones supposedly for my type of unit...am I missing something or can I use the ones listed for the manual controls? I have not called the dealer yet, figuring that some auto place on the web must have the right part for a less expensive price tag."

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    If you have the automatic climate control you may have to replace the control unit (not the resistor) it is located behind the glove box and costs about 78.00 plus tax.

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    Had the same exact problem on my wifes 01 T&C, the blower control unit was the cause, Super easy to change, right behind the glove box. I got hers at Oreillys

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