2003 Town & Country heat issue

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Thread: 2003 Town & Country heat issue

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    2003 Town & Country heat issue

    Hi, gang. First time here. The forum looks pretty encouraging, as I'm sure there's a lot of good information out there.

    I have a 2003 T & C, and it runs like a champ. The only thing is that the heat doesn't work unless we're driving, and it usually is only on the highway at that. I read another thread here about it possibly being the water pump, but we've had this problem for a couple of weeks, and there have been no other signs that it might be a water pump (ie, no knocking or other odd engine sounds). The temp gauge works like normal, the fan blower works fine, but the heat just isn't there.

    Is this going to be a matter of replacing the thermostat, or is this likely going to be something major? Any guidance is appreciated.


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    If the temp gauge reads normal, you have either a kinked/obstructed hose or a plugged heater core.

    Does the van have rear heat? If so does it provide heat at all operating speeds?

    I've seen bad water pumps move enough coolant to keep an engine from overheating. On those the impellers were rusted away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cozmo View Post
    ...the fan blower works fine, but the heat just isn't there...
    Could also be a blend door problem. Is air coming out where it's supposed to be coming out? or do you just hear the fan, so you know it's working?
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    See if you are getting any codes , do the keydance turn the ignition key on(don't engage starter)/off/on/off/ then on and look in the odometer display for the codes and if any post here , if there are none then it will say "done" . If its a thermostat problem it should throw a code if it is taking too long to warm up , otherwise maybe you have a blend door issue . also check the coolant level , when cold it should be midpoint between min and max on the coolant overflow bottle. Should be a nice orange color too...
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    had the same problem with our 2003 found the cooling system mostly dry. I added antifreeze then found a small leak in the radiator. the heat worked properly as long as there was coolant in the system

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