99 Town & Country won't turn over????

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Thread: 99 Town & Country won't turn over????

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    99 Town & Country won't turn over????

    I've got a 99 Town & Country AWD with a 3.8L. It has had a problem for a while where the gauges would quit working while I was driving it. You tap the dash they'd work again. Then it would sometimes not turn over when I tried to start it. Again tap the dash it would turn over and start. But now nothing, it won't turn over and the gauges don't power up. All the warning lights at the top of the dash work and all the accessories work.

    I have replaced the starter, ignition switch and starter relay.

    I have a feeling it has something to do with the gauge cluster. But I can't figure out why the gauge cluster would keep the engine from turning over. And if it is the gauge cluster what's the problem?? And is it fixable or do I have to replace the whole cluster???

    I need to get this van running!!

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    It sounds like it could possibly be in the ignition switch WIRING inside the dash. If there's a loose connection or ground or something, that may explain why tapping the dash used to make it work. I know, that problem, if it IS the problem, could be near impossible to trace.

    I hope someone has a better idea.
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    if you do a search of the forum there are lots of people with the same issues.. apparently it seems to be in the cluster itself and many have tried (unsuccessfully) to replace body computers etc... so, buy a used one (entire cluster) for 1 dollar, or whatever, of ebay.. make sure its the proper year as the connectors on the back change, and off you go... watch out if you blow the IOD fuse in the process, locks wont work , radio etc..
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    You are right to suspect the gauge cluster. Search previous posts as this is a common problem.

    Repairing it will require resoldering a few connections on the computer board of the cluster.
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    Hmm, I had a similar issue on my 98 GC - changing my 4+ year old battery fixed it

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