P0700/P1776 error codes

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Thread: P0700/P1776 error codes

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    P0700/P1776 error codes


    I own a 2003 Dodge Caravan SE with just over 23,000 miles. Bought it about a year ago from the original owner. Shortly after, still before the basic warranty ended in December 2005, it happened the first time that - after shifting from "D" to "3" - the Check Engine light came on and the transmission would not shift into the highest gear. A check at AutoZone returned the error codes P0700 and P1776. When I went with the car to the local Dodge dealer the light was off again and the transmission shifted correctly. I left.

    Some days later the light came on again, and the transmission did not shift correctly. I went to the dealer, the light was off again, I insisted on a check, they checked, found nothing. A couple of days later I noticed a very small leakage under the engine, went back to the dealer. They replaced the "SOLENOID-VALVE B" (#5015646AC). The leakage was gone.

    Some time later - after the basic warranty had ended - it happened again that the Check Engine light came on after shifting from "D" to "3". I called the dealer, they said: "If it goes off again after 1 or 2 days, don't worry. That can happen." 1 or 2 days later the light was off again.

    Since then the same thing (light comes on, transmission does not shift into highest gear) happened 3 or 4 more times. Always after shifting into "3". Always disappearing after some hours or some days (and then shifting correctly again). I do now know how to reproduce this event with a warm engine. I now have an appointment at the dealer for Friday, July 28, and want them to look at it and fix it.

    My main question is: Can I expect this to fall under the 7 years/70,000 miles powertrain warranty? I know that I have this powertrain warranty, even as a second owner. I also know that P0700/P1766 has something to do with the transmission and/or the TCM. I just want to be prepared for the dealer and hope that I can find here some more information.

    Also, I learned from my internet research this error code P1776 is not so rare with Dodge vehicles. Does this code mean usually the same or something similar, regardless of the model? Would it be correct to say that (at least some) Dodge transmissions suffer from this all over the country?

    It would be so great if someone here could give me information! (Please note: I'm not a car technician, would be great if your answers are not too technical ...)


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    PO700 error code

    I own a 2004 t&c van. Last week the car stumbled a bit when starting upand then the check engine lite came on. The car went into limp mode and would not downshift into high gear. Drove home at high RPM but made it ok. Checked codes by turning key off and on three or four times,and using my Cen-tech code reader, got error code PO700.
    This is a generic code pointing to the transmission. To identify the specific problem or part of the transmission requires a special reader which costs many bucks(The transmission has its own computer with it's own set of error codes which cannot be read by the engine code reader) Tried to erase code, but it would not erase. The car did work ok after that though. Drove it for a week thinking the check engine lite would clear itself, but it stayed on, but the car shifted properly.
    I then pulled the EATX relay from the relay box on the left fender and swapped it with another from the wiper circuit. then disconnected the battery for 20 seconds or so and replaced it . Problem solved!

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    You can always take it to a real transmission shop and get another opinion. (Stay away from the chains. )That is what they are in business for and you can usually get a better & honest answer than the dealer.

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