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Thread: siphoning gas from tank & need help?

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    Angry siphoning gas from tank & need help?

    I tried to siphon gas from my tank cause the fuel pump has to be replaced and I tried on several attemps but can't keep the flow going. I have a full, and I mean full tank of gas that I can't seam to siphon out.

    I jammed a small clear tube down the filler tube and blow on it til I get bubbling sounds and that way I know I am in the gas. Now I can't seem to get any lower into the tank. I suck the gas up to the top, put my thumb over the end, drop it below the tank level and the gas starts to flow but then I get air right away and the flow stops.

    the wife is complaining I smell of gas (this time from the top end)

    Please help me, I at witts end, almost ready to punch a small hole in the bottom of the tank and then put a drain on it once the tank and fual pump are out.


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    I believe you can purchase a siphon pump. You should not use your mouth. It could kill you.

    What are you siphoning the gas into???
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    hey Michael, just finished,

    here is a great tip for anyone working on these vans.

    On the rear of the tank to the left there is a capped line with a crimp style hose clamp. Use pliers and remove the clamp. Attack a piece of 5/16 clear line (so you can see when the gas is coming) and clamp it to the line. Start to siphon, and away you go. It drains the tank to the bottom,...EMPTY. I used a standard 5 gallon jerry can and a small 3 gallon as well. The process is a little slow (about 1/2hr to drain 3/4's of a tank of gas) But drains it to the bottom.

    * I have the van up in the air in the back and on jack stands then addition ones as a safety measure. DO NOT!!!!!!!!!! support the van by a floorjack alone

    * I use an LED light and turn it on before going under the van, instead of a electrical troublelight. (no sparks produced)

    *I have the furnace going in the garage but have the drive in door cracked open for ventilation

    * I am not telling you to do this but giving some hints for a DIYer

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    siphon gas

    just wanted to say thanks i was in the situation you were in goin crazy,it worked great the tank was empty to the bottom just wanted to thank you.. saved my sanity,,.

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