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Thread: Tranmission fluid change without changing filter OK?

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    Tranmission fluid change without changing filter OK?

    I'm considering flushing the transmission and just put new fluid in, without dropping pan and changing filter. I have a pump that can suck the oil fluid out of the transmission.

    I got a quote from a auto shop for doing a flush, they wanted $500.

    I was told by the salesguy att the auto store that this procedure, where you leave out filter-change, is a total waste of time and has absolutely no point to it at all. What are the thoughts on that here?

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    I would recommend dropping the pan...the advantage is not only to replace the filter but to inspect the bottom of the pan, clean off the magnet, and to clean any slug off the pan. Replacing old fluid with new is better than nothing...but I would pull the pan. There is a gasket available, so its easy to re-install. Getting the pan off sometimes can be a real pain.

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    It is ok to do, just not ideal maintenance. Changing the filter is always good to do along with new fluid.
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    Might as well get a Dorman pan with the drain plug. It's good to see what is inside the pan but a filter should be good for 100K miles or more. Has the filter ever been changed?
    I would avoid any kind of "power flush". You can change fluid using the outlet line from the tranny to the radiator cooler while adding new fluid. This is a good way to exchange fluid.
    Be sure to use +4 fluid. No Dexron and for sure no Ford stuff. Stay away from that shop that wanted $500 for a flush. Just my $0.02.


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    Changing the trans fluid and not the filter is like changing your engine oil and not the filter. I did mine at 80k and flushed it with 2qt of additional fluid via the return hose. When you reseal the pan do not use the rubber gasket the filter comes with as it will most likely leak. Use RTV only to seal the pan to the trans.
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    It's not uncommon to change the filter every other fluid change or flush, especially if you are changing per a severe service schedule. A flush, done properly, allowing the transmission pump to do the work, is fine. DON'T use a power flush that deposits a whole bunch of crap on your filter.
    If the vehicle is new to you and you don't know its history then, by all means, drop the pan and change the filter.
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    I agree with all of the responses. But I must add even if you are changing the fluid every 30,000 miles, why not go right ahead and change the filter for and extra 10 bucks or so. Can't hurt a darn thing to keep a nice clean filter in there. When I purchase a used vehicle I will do a minimum of 2 Fluid and filter changes unless it's above 100k miles then it's an automatic 3 fluid and filter changes regardless of what the fluid looks or smells like, driving the vehicle for at least 500 to 1,000 miles or so. I know it's almost totally 100% clean oil when I do the third Fluid and filter change. Then I know I can go at least 60k mile before needing to do it again under normal driving conditions. Be sure to find out the torque value for the pan bolts and use a good pound inch torque wrench (not with the rubber gasket, use the force Luke). I will use the rubber gasket until my last oil change then I use RTV when I know I'm not going to need to remove it for 60k miles.
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    The filter is the important part. By all means change the filter.

    And the shop that wanted $500 to do a fluid exchange and filter change is crazy. At work we do that all day long for $240 plus tax.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgbat View Post
    The filter is the important part. By all means change the filter.

    And the shop that wanted $500 to do a fluid exchange and filter change is crazy. At work we do that all day long for $240 plus tax.
    Remember, original poster is from Sweden. Automobile purchase/repair can be quite expensive in Scandinavia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunvanse View Post
    Remember, original poster is from Sweden. Automobile purchase/repair can be quite expensive in Scandinavia
    Correct you are.

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