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Thread: Best replacement wipers?

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    Best replacement wipers?

    It doesn't look to me like I can refill the factory wiper blades on my 2012 T&C. I'm looking for some wiper blades that perform well and that I can preferably replace the rubber element on rather than having to replace the entire wiper blade.

    Consumer Reports says that the Anco 31 series are a good buy, but the last car I tried those on they didn't even fit properly and always missed a big section of the windshield. I don't want to buy these again unless I know they will work well.

    Has anyone had good luck with a particular brand/style of wiper?

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    I haven't looked to see what adapter the 5th gens use, but I just picked up a set of Motorcraft blade-style wipers (single bow encased in rubber, no articulating metal exposed) for $20 at my local Ford Dealer. They said they only charge $8.99 each blade...vs the $40 Auto Zone wanted for similar style Rain X wipers. I know where I'm buying all my wipers from now on!
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    If you belong to Costco- they have "Goodyear" blades there for about $7 each. I have them on my "11 in the front and are great for the price!
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