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Thread: How to secure cargo in van?

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    How to secure cargo in van?

    Hi guys, im taking a camping trip soon, and im looking for a few spots to strap down my camping gear. Im going with the third row folded, but i cant seem to find any proper points that i can hook up my tie strap too.
    Any suggestions?

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    I'm pretty sure there are no proper anchors. Remember these are soccer mom movers not cargo haulers. That said they sell anchor plates. They are essentially plastic angle with hook tape on the bottom to stick to the carpet. Chrysler has them for around $80 or I bought a set at a Big Lots for $10. They work pretty well and will keep things from sliding.

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    I just found out that if i fold down the third row seats, then i can load up alot of cargo directly behind the second row, and then use the floor brackets(the ones that the third row hook on to).
    The floor brackets are thick heavy metal ones, that hold down the seat, and they are perfect for hooking up a ratchet strap or bungee cord. There is also two metal clips near the rear of the van, on the sides. These can also be used with the floor brackets to strap cargo down the side of the van. Im not sure how strong these clips are however. But the floor brackets are the best bet.

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    I have not looked in the 5th gens too much, but I use the seat anchoring points in my 3rd gen. I know the stow and go makes that harder to do, but there may be access to the brackets? I've hauled 2 iron v8's in my van at the same time and sure needed good anchor points. The van could have used air bags too, but the engines stayed put.
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