My Vin printout says I got Customer Preferred Package 2DK & 29K. 29K is the option for the 3.8L engine. But what do you get for the 2DK package? I have a 2005 Grand Caravan SXT. Hopefully someone knows and has this option too.

I'm wondering because I was thinking of upgrading my 6 speakers + 2 tweeters. But after listening to some test cds I'm say my stock speakers sound fine, no need to upgrade ANYTHING. My VIN printout just says I have : 6 disc cd/dvd changer [RDV code], - it says nothing about the speakers. But if these are the stock oem speakers for all G.C. trims then I'd say they are some pretty good "mid fi" enough speakers. Good enough Bass without a subwoofer.

Well, back in 1994 or so I worked at International Jensen and they made many stock oem auto speakers. But I admit their auto oem speakers sounded like crap as well as many oem auto systems in that era. Aftermarket audio was big time back then.

Anyone know what the stock oem speakers are in the SXT?