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Thread: Lost Key Fob

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    Lost Key Fob

    Hello all, need a little help here. My wife lost her keys and with them the keyless entry fob. Is there any way to deprogram the van from accepting that fob? Obviously our concern is someone in our apartment complex finding the keys and using them against us (especially seeing that our apartment key is on there as well). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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    I don't think you can select which FOB the van listens to, but it may be possible to disable the keyless entry and just use the key to get in/start the van. At least that's an idea, since I'm not well versed on the 4th gen vans. Sorry for the stress you're undoubtedly going through with the loss of important keys.
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    Thanks. So then what is the best way to disable keyless entry? Should I just pull the fuse or is there a way to disable it in the computer (similar to programming a new remote)? Thanks again.


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    My wife lost her keys and with them the keyless entry fob. Is there any way to deprogram the van from accepting that fob?
    Either a dealer or a well-equipped locksmith should be able to reset the security system and reprogram it for any fobs you still have. The fobs operate at a fixed frequency and the car is "trained" to accept their signals. My local locksmith charges $30 for doing this.

    If you have one of the trims that uses the "smart" keys with the microchip in them (like mine does), be prepared for some sticker-shock: the key blanks go for about $30 and they also need to be trained.

    Replacement fobs can be found on eBay for lots less than a dealer will charge for a new one, and there are plenty of instructions here and around the Internet on how to train the car for the new fob.

    Worst case is having to re-key the vehicle. ($$$$$$) Chrysler keys are fairly distinctive and a determined person could go through the apartment complex trying the keys in all the suitable vehicles. This does presume that your wife is confident that she lost the keys somewhere in your complex, and that they've fallen into disreputable hands though..

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    From the user manual (downloaded directly from Chrysler's website):

    "NOTE: If a programmed key has been lost, see your dealer to have all remaining keys erased from the systems memory. The remaining keys must then reprogrammed.
    This will prevent the lost key from starting your vehicle. All vehicle keys must be taken to the dealer at the time of service to be reprogrammed."

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