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Thread: Reset Change Oil message

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    Reset Change Oil message

    Bought a new 2012 Town and Country. The mileage got up to 6500 and it still didn't indicate that it was time for an oil change. Since it had never been done, I took it to the dealer and had it changed.

    Now 2 weeks and 500 miles later the change oil message keeps coming on when we start the van.

    Dealers said to turn on the accessory, pump the gas pedal three times then start the van and that would reset the oil change message. I can't get it to I missing a step?

    I can always go back to the dealer ( they were very nice about it) but don't really want to make a special trip back to the dealer, especially since I rarely have the van, my wife does.


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    When I reset my van I normally turn the key off after slowly pumping the gas pedal 3 times. Then I start it. Maybe try it this way.

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    Turn it to Run, not accessory, without cranking the engine and press the gas three times, turn the key to Off, then start the engine. If you have the EVIC system, there should be a way to reset the oil indicator from there as well. Check your manual.

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    Your vehicle is equipped with an engine oil change indicator system. The CHAngE OIL message will flash in the instrument cluster odometer for approximately 12 seconds, after a single chime has sounded, to indicate the next scheduled oil change interval. The engine oil change indicator system is duty cycle-based, which means the engine oil change interval may fluctuate dependent upon your personal driving style.

    Unless reset, this message will continue to display each time you turn the ignition switch to the ON/RUN position. To turn off the message temporarily, press and release the STEP button on the steering wheel. To reset the oil change indicator system (after performing the scheduled maintenance), perform the following steps.

    1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON/RUN position (do not start the engine).
    2. Fully depress the accelerator pedal, slowly, three times within 10 seconds.
    3. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF/LOCK position.
    NOTE: If the indicator message illuminates when you start the engine, the oil change indicator system did not reset. If necessary, repeat these steps.

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