A "How To" install aftermarket radio ***Warning very picture heavy***

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Thread: A "How To" install aftermarket radio ***Warning very picture heavy***

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    A "How To" install aftermarket radio ***Warning very picture heavy***

    I searched these forums for a “how to” on installing an aftermarket Double DIN radio. When I couldn’t find anything here or online I decided to do a quick how to guide. It’s not 100% as I only decided to do it half way through so I had to backtrack some steps.

    Vehicle: 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

    Items installed:
    Kenwood DDX418 (had the Kenwood DNX6980 but was actually a step down and returned it for the DDX418)
    Kenwood KNA-G610 GPS unit
    PAC audio RP4-CH11 (This all-in-one unit retains the chimes, the steering wheel controls, and diagnostics feature via the CAN bus.)
    Scoche bezel kit

    I would like to install a wireless backup camera but need steps on how to take apart the rear trunk lid. If anyone has steps please let me know.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.

    Wiring prep:
    First I soldered all the wires and used shrink tube to seal them

    Next I taped all the wires together for a “cleaner” install. This is not needed but does make wire management easier during install. The picture below shows this along with the PAC interface installed.

    Removing the old unit and installing the aftermarket unit

    1. Start by carefully removing the plastic screws by the holes marked with blue tape. Once the screws are removed carefully pry out the push pins that the screws were in. Repeat for the driver’s side.

    2. The whole plastic piece pulls out. Be aware that there are some clips directly above the cup holders that you will need to pull out. I used a plastic putty knife. Works great without leaving marks.

    3. Once the lower shroud has been pulled forward (no need to remove it for basic install) Remove the two outer screws circled in red only. The two inner screws don’t need to be removed.

    4. The below picture is looking up from the floor. Pull the two tabs open and remove the two screws. (Open them from the center side not the outer side)

    5. Once the screws are out you can then lift the upper center stack cover. This will reveal two additional screws. Remove the two circled screws.

    6. This will allow you to fold down the center stack façade. ( I suggest you pull both armrests up to help prevent damage in case you lean on it by accident)

    7. Remove the four outer screws around the radio. This will now allow you to pull the radio out.

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    8. Once the radio is out and the harness/antennas disconnected you can try to insert the aftermarket unit. You will notice that the aftermarket unit does not fit into the opening and some modifications are needed.

    9. At this point you have two options, cut the tabs off (I didn’t want to do this) or band the tabs back keeping the radio still snug in the opening (I opted for this) I used some scrap wood and a thin crow bar as shown below.

    10. Since I also had a GPS antenna to install I used the plastic putty knife to pry up the front dashboard. On our van there was an opening in the middle perfect for the GPS antenna.

    11. It’s a little hard to see in these shots but the wire and antenna go straight through to the front so everything is hidden.

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    12. The GPS unit I ended up installing into the base of the stack. I cut a hole in the back for the wires and screwed it to the side. The average person would never see it and yet it still gives you easy access to the USB port and SD card slot for updates. (Undocumented but you can use the USB port on the unit to hook it up to your computer and updates Maps, Voices, Vehicle icons, Etc)

    13. Next I plugged the harness in to the factory plug and installed the Antenna adapter. I didn’t document running the Mic wire as that is a personal choice as to where you want it.

    14. I chose to put the PAC interface module on the right side as there seemed to be more room there.

    15. The extra cabling ran nicely in the space under the unit. Plug the unit in and test. Once tested put everything back together in reverse.

    16. This is everything put back together and working.

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    Awesome post, thanks. The 2008 is the same procedure. I put in a generic Chinese made double din 7" motorized screen DVD/GPS/Bluetooth in my T&C. Didn't use any fancy CAN adapter, just used a relay to create an ignition powered on/off supply which otherwise doesn't exist due to the on/off signal being sent over the CAN interface. Had to use a dremel at the lower edge of the console opening to get it to fit around the double din front. It came out looking great but I was apprehensive about cutting into the plastic and took my time.

    Never used them myself, but Crutchfield have a good reputation for selling wiring harnesses and whatever is needed to fit a new unit. Like you, I did it myself with a soldering iron and heatshrink.

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