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Thread: Cleaning catalytic converter with lacquer thinner ? stupid or recommended ?

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    Cleaning catalytic converter with lacquer thinner ? stupid or recommended ?

    Hello; I got a good huntch that my catalytic converter is clogged or underperforming; saw this guy on the youtube that before thinking on getting a new one I should clean it up first and one method is by pouring a gallon of lacquer thinner into the gas tank and run the car at 2500 rpm for about 30 minutes...before I do something stupid and ruin my car, has anyone ever tried this method ? is it safe ? good result ? got the P0420 code and indicates bad cat supposedly the lacquer thinner will clean all the gunk on it and eventually disappear the code..


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    ...ok forgot to add: 2006 - 3.8 L Town & Country with ~83,500 miles.

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    Just because you saw it on u-tube doesn't mean it works or would be good for the rest of the fuel systom.

    I say it won't, no reason but it just doesn't sound right.
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    You must have been watching this Scotty Kilmer video:

    This might help and it's a bit more rational:

    Lots of discussion here on the problem, including mention of the Scotty Kilmer video:

    Here's the Scotty Kilmer channel:

    Scotty seems to be well recognized but I don't think I would take a chance on putting laquer thinner in my gas tank though for fear of damage to other parts.

    A sensor malfunction could be the reason for the code. Might try replacing those first, the one that's on the converter at least.
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    p0420 dont always mean bad cat, it means there is a problem somewhere. could be the o2 sensors, cold be the cat, could also be the exaust system, if there is a hole or crack etc. check these first before you replace an expensive cat.

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    I would start an inspection of the exhaust and then if there are no cracks or obvious defects, replace the O2 least the pre cat and after cat sensors.
    I don't recall seeing a whole bunch of members having cat issues.

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    Unfortunately, there is no easy "fix in a can". I never believe what I see on youtube or read on the web without further research, it's too easy easy to suckered in by "yellow" journalisim.

    You are in the right place to start a reasoanble search to find your solution. I recommend exactly what these guys are saying; physically examine your exhaust system. Then check the sensors. Unless you are running a really poor blend of fuel that has been contaminated, I would highly doubt your converter is "dead" so soon. O2 sensors on the other hand, fail a little too often......

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    Forget it. Once the lacquer thinner has gone through the combustion process all of its solvent properties are gone. For example, could you clean a paint brush by waving it through the smoke of burning lacquer thinner? Besides that, you run the risk of damaging plastic components (gaskets, etc.) in the fuel system between the gas tank and the injectors.

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    I would be more inclined to remove the converter and soak it in lacquer thinner.. Couldn't imagin putting it in the gas..
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    The solvents in Lacquer Thinner are very strong, I don't think anyone can tell you what they would do to O rings or other rubber components of the system. If you think it is clogged, check the flow out the tailpipe, do you have good flow? can you shut it off with hand pressure? Does it stop immediately? You can get a bypass pipe to test the system, but it is unlikely with the miles you have that you have a clogged converter, it is more likely something else, unless someone has used leaded gas in it. If that is the case, no solvent will get it off.
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