2012 T&C - 1st Oil Change

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Thread: 2012 T&C - 1st Oil Change

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    2012 T&C - 1st Oil Change

    I think the manual states to wait for the indicator to go on.. but 6-8K miles on a new vehicle scares me..

    I'm leaning to no more than 2K max and then 5K-6K after than (Dino Oil)..



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    I did my first change just before the 800 mi mark with dino oil. At just shy of 6 months and 6000 mi, I changed it to synthetic oil. The oil is supposed to be done 6 months or 8000 mi.

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    On my new 2007 I used Pennzoil Platinum and did changes at 3300, 6600, 10000 and then switched to 5000 mile intervals. I know it is an overkill at 5K mile intervals but since I change it myself it is not too expensive.

    96 Grand Voyager 3.3L retired
    99 DGC Sport 3.3L retired at 137K miles (still running fine for my friend)
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    On my 2011..., the oil change warning came on at about 3150 miles, just before this weekend. I thought it was supposed to go farther than that.

    I've almost always been a 3000 mile oil change interval driver for years now, but I thought I might try 4000 on this 2011 with the 3.6.

    Kind of eerie though! The oil change warning popped up Thursday...., and on Friday..., I get an email notice from the dealer that my car is due for it's first service and they attached some coupons for an oil change. It's almost as if the car was 'calling home' when the oil change notice popped up on the dash!

    It's like my computer calling home to Microsoft whenever I change something in it, saying it has to 'reactivate' Windows 7, (I've built my own computers for years now).

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    This response may be too late but wanted to share some important information from many years of experience. I'm an Amsoil dealer and have been using synthetic oils for years. Never have I had an engine problem when using Amsoil. I have gone as far as 200,000 miles without any. Anyway, I would recommend that you put at least 5,000 miles on the new engine before changing oil. This original oil is very high quality and you should do this especially if going directly to a synthetic oil. If you change to synthetic too soon, you might be not have all the components seated good and may use oil. I especially experienced this once when changing after 1,000 miles. On another note, this business of chrysler saying to go by the mileage prompt is stupid. On my 2009 it always prompts at 2,500 miles. Just ignore and reset and change at the recommended maximum. The 2009 is at 6,000. Even though the synthetic will take it far past that, I still stay with the recommended mileage because of the warranty. Hope this helps.

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