Where is the transmission dipstick?

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Thread: Where is the transmission dipstick?

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    Where is the transmission dipstick?

    I cound not find the transmission dipstick on my 2010 T&C. If there is no dipstick, then how do you check the fluid level.

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    I am presuming you have a six speed transmission. From the owners manual:

    All six–speed transaxles are equipped with a capped
    dipstick tube. It is sealed and should not be tampered
    with. Your authorized dealer has the necessary tools to
    ensure that the fluid level is set properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjudy75 View Post
    I cound not find the transmission dipstick on my 2010 T&C. If there is no dipstick, then how do you check the fluid level.
    They don't have one so the novice DIYer can't overfill it or put in the wrong transmission fluid. Check your Owner Manual as per previous Post.
    The manual transmission on my Jeep has no dipstick either and I never get under it to remove the plug to check the level. I do check for leaks periodically. Just check for leaks and you should be fine.
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    Hi jjudy75
    I asked the same question 2 years ago please see below

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    Well, I've read the referenced thread and I will add that I hate that it doesn't have a dipstick.

    With the reputation Chrysler vans have for eating transmissions, I would have thought they would have added more instrumentation, rather than taking away the one piece of information the tranny can give an owner. (I have a M-B without an engine dipstick, but it has a readout on the dashboard to tell you oil level).

    My tranny is shifting strangely and I can't even check the level ! I have to take it to the dealership, leave it with them all day, arrange rides to and from, when it may just be a little low.

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