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Thread: very high idle mystery- not the IAC valve

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    very high idle mystery- not the IAC valve

    My 2001 Chrysler Town & ciuntry suddenly developed a racing idle, around 3K in neutral.

    I got code P1294 which suggests a vacuum leak or a bad IAC valve, right?

    I changed the IAC valve and it did not fix the problem.

    What next?

    Anyone know what the voltage is supposed to be at the plug to the idle air control valve?


    Dave Silva

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    Look for a vacuum leak.
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    Could be a vacuum leak. Also if your throttle body is REALLY covered over with gunky carbon build-up it may not be letting the throttle plate close all the way. If you try to manually close the throttle body, does the idle go down? Does the gas pedal stick any when you first press on it?
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    Enough airflow AND computer knowledge to run 3k rpms has to be the throttle plate stuck open somehow. I would pull the intake hose and take a look as suggested by jgbat.
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    Or maybe a varmint got wedged in there trying to get out of the cold.

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