What is better rebuilt or used transmission?

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Thread: What is better rebuilt or used transmission?

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    Smile What is better rebuilt or used transmission?

    Hi everyone,

    I am not sure whether to buy a used or rebuilt transmission. The reason I have such issues is that I am a new owner of a used grand caravan that I don't even have a year with and the transmission messed up and has 160,000 miles!
    There are two places where I can buy either used or rebuilt. The place to buy it rebuilt for $1100.00 (3year warranty or 100,000 miles)is in an autoparts company(the leading national one) that sells it thru a rebuilder under named "Moveras LLC". The other autoparts company either sells it rebuilt for $1345(also 3 year warranty or 100,000) under "DrivePower" or used with-around 80,000 miles for $800.00 (one year warranty). Both companies just replace the worn or damaged part/s with a new one and claim that they clean with special machinery the used parts and vavle bodies and inspect the other parts for proper functionality but use the same used parts as long as in good condition, and they dyno test them.
    Please somebody give me their advice.
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    Welcome to the forums. My inclination would be to go with a rebuilt personally, but I have to ask: How did the transmission "mess up?" Do you know what's wrong with it or what it's symptoms were? Was the check engine light on? Any codes in the computer?
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    Thanks for the reply,
    The check engine light on the dashboard is not on while the engine is running, though it does work or turn on while starting the engine! And whenever I run the engine all I hear is just a grinding noise for about 45 seconds and then the noise is gone except when I attempt to shift from Park to Reverse, Neutral, or Drive and the truck only moves in reverse and not the other gears. While setting it to Reverse the Grinding is louder at first for 1 second and then the reverse gear comes in and the noise goes away.
    Prior to having this transmission breakdown I had a problem with the solenoid pack and replaced it, and also the fluid and filter to proper specifications. But even before the solenoid pack replacement and fluid, I would hear a hissing sound while on first gear. Since I bought this truck in a used car lot (2001 Grand Caravan ES 3.8) back in Feb. of the past year, I thought maybe it had some issues with the transmission but while I test drove, prior to purchase, no hesitation or stress was felt on the driving. It actually ran smoothly!
    Hope to hear from you,

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    i think 3 year 100,000 mile warranty is outstanding. i would do the rebuild if it is a reputable company that will honor the warranty! mike

    every body around here is 1 year 12,000 on a rebuild and 90 days on a salvage unit.
    2001 Short Caravan 3.3L

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    Rebuild, especially with that warranty And if you are paying for installation.
    Candy the van. '98 Sport 3.8L 132,200 miles. Used trans at ~96k. Great piece of my life and a fine van.

    '69 GTO drop top

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