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Thread: ABS Light On

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    ABS Light On

    I had a local shop read the code and here is what it said.

    Hydraulic Pump Circuit Malfunction

    Anyone else have this problem? If so, what was it?


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    I've not had this problem, and it hasn't come up here before from what I can remember.

    I can tell you that your next moves with it will be inspecting all wiring, and if it is fine, the unit itself may be bad.
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    Can you hear or feel the pump? With ignition on and engine off, keep applying the brakes on/off until you hear the pump come on. I think on mine, it's like 4 or 5 times, and then the pump comes on.

    Be aware that if you don't feel any pulsing in the pedal, your normal brakes should be normal and safe. I would recommend fixing the ABS if you're going to keep the car, but if you're planning on getting rid of it, you can drive it.

    Do a couple of hard test stops just to be sure.

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    Most likely you need an abs pump, this happened on my '02. cost is about $400 for parts and labor, but brakes did operate fine, minor the abs feature. However, having the warnning light illuminated would have caused me to fail state inspection so i had to bite the bullet.
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    IF it ever goes off (the light) stomp on the brake with two tires on grass at about 20 mph, try to clear the pump, You should feel it actuate, could be a piece of junk stuck in it, mine did and finally it fixed itself.
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