Hood Rust...Any way to fix?

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Thread: Hood Rust...Any way to fix?

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    Hood Rust...Any way to fix?

    This is the hood on my '05, which is upsetting. I had some rust on the seam of the rear deck lid that I had my local body shop sand out, treat, and reseal. It's been good ever since. I'm thinking that for the hood, it's too late to fix and probably cheaper to replace. Thoughts? My '01 has an aftermarket hood, which seems to be less rust prone than the OEM. If I do need to replace, I'll probably go with aftermarket.
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    When rust is in a folded seam, replace it. It will never go away, and will come back quickly if repaired.
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    Looks like mine. It got a yearly wire-wheel, coating of oil-based metal paint and a bug deflector. I kept it in check under the deflector and it was never much of a problem.....
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    mine is doing the same thing on the back side and some on the front. also has spot on roof. getting it all done for $300 from a friend that works in a chrysler body shop and has had his own body shop ever since i was a baby. (was his dads shop from the '40s i think)
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    With all the rust mine has had amazingly I have not had any surface rust on the hood. I treated the seams on the back lift gate with some rustoleum rust converter and that worked really well. I have not painted over it yet (and I hit it with the rust converter every now and then) and it seems to have done a good job so far (for $6).

    I like the idea of the bug deflector instead of getting a new hood.
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    Mine is all the way through. Front tip of passenger fender too. How much are those after market panels?
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    Spray some "rust check" spray into the seam from behind. It will slow the rust down or stop it.
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    I'd just slap a bug deflector on and hide it. that's what I did with my '02 when i bought it 3 years ago and it never managed to rust past the bug deflector to where it was visible. a whole lot cheaper plus i think it dresses it up a little bit and helps with the bugs

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    WOW...... that is some hood rust for a five year old vehicle.

    Our 2005 has some rust starting along the inner part of the both rear wheel wells.

    So far, nothing else has appeared. What is your build date? Ours was 08/31/04 so it is now 6 years old.

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    I had hood rust starting in the seams within months of driving my 2003 new off the lot. Dealer body shop touched it up with paint no charge but Chrysler refused to replace hood since it was not a perforation. Problem could have been prevented if seam sealer & better prep used @ the factory before painting. Like was said previously, once rust starts in a body panel seam, the only permanent fix is to replace the entire panel. My hood rust is now far advanced with exterior paint bubbles. Earlier than expected seam rust is a problem on these vans and other models of Dodge/Chryslers of this era. I see it often in my travels. The seam rust is probably the most disappointing part of my van ownership experience which has been very positive overall.

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