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Thread: Programing Key Fobik

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    Programing Key Fobik

    I have only one remote fobik and have purchased two additional one and would like to program them.

    The owners manual states you need two already programed fobiks for the owner to be able to program the third fobik himself using the vehicles ignition.

    Is my only option to bring one of my new ones to the dealer to program?

    Any idea how much to expect them to charge me?

    They both came with the little key in the handle, can the dealer also cut keys or can I get that part done anywhere?

    Once I get the second one programed at the dealer, I should be able to program the third one myself according to the manual, correct?

    Anyone else been through this before?


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    The dealer probably won't charge you any more to program both keys as they would the one key. I do hope both keys are really new. If they have been programmed before, or are not the correct part number key (there are SEVERAL) for your vehicle, the FOBIK you bought will not work and you have throwed that money away. But yes, far as I know dealer is your only option and they can cut the door key inside the FOBIK.
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    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I read the forums and found good refference to making sure to order the correct fobik so I did my reaerch and found a reputable seller on ebay at 1/4 the price at my dealer for the exact same OEM fobik. Here's the link

    I bought two so I got a little discount also. Shipping was very quick as I received them in 4 days from the USA and I'm in Canada.

    I just got back from the dealer and the charge to program one remote was $25.00 plus tax. The good news is that the tech that came to do it turned out to be the husband of one of my wife's friends so I got it done for free. I programed the third remote myself when I got home and it worked fine.


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