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Thread: Transmission cooler brackets

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    Question Transmission cooler brackets

    Transmission cooler brackets broke and the cooler punched a hole in the radiator. I'm replacing the radiator, but does anyone have any ideas how to replace the rivets/screws that hold the transmission cooler to the bracket?

    I know I'm not the only one on this forum to have this problem since I read about someone having this, but I can't find the thread he posted in.

    01 T&C 3.8 w/ external Trans cooler.

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    i used zip ties to hold mine in after the rivets broke

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    i re-riveted mine. used a little longer ones, and replaced all 6. all 3 mounts were broken loose.
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    I just got done fixing this a week back. I had to replace the radiator also. I re-riveted my cooler brackets using the same size rivets. I also added some silicone adhesive between the brackets and the cooler (all 3). I figured this would act as a vibration insulator and keep them glued together if the rivets broke again (I hope).

    Just be sure the silicone states that it is non-corrosive as some will corrode aluminum. Good luck!

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    I think nylon zip-ties are the way to go if you live in the rust belt. The salty roadspray eats the aluminum around the rivets, causing them to loosen and fall out. New rivets will just fall out again over time. Zip-ties won't rust, and they won't cause a reaction like a different metal would (steel). I have a cooler with broken brackets to fix and add to our van.
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    I have this same problem on my 2003 DGC. Plan is to replace rad and repair tranny cooler bracket by zip ties & new rivets. Have a few questions for those of you who've already made repairs. 1. Do I drill out broken rivets still in cooler? 2. What type & size are the rivets? Thx

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    I pulled the plastic top cover off my radiator, A/C condenser, etc., today to see what kind of room there was for an auxiliary transmission cooler. I knew from this thread that rivets on the stock cooler could break off and cause a problem. I'm glad I checked as my cooler was broken loose, too. I unbolted and removed the top bracket and saw the lower passenger side bracket had broken rivets also. I didn't notice a 3rd bracket so it must be hiding down there somewhere.

    I have no leaks or damage so far so I put some foam weatherstrip on either side of the cooler to keep it 'padded' until I get an extra cooler to add, at which point I'll fix it properly. That lower bracket bolt looks like a bear to get at. I could see it but couldn't get a wrench on it.

    It looks like the aluminum rivets didn't corrode, rather they just vibrated and snapped. I think I'll just replace them with plated steel rivets.

    Incidentally, to answer Nails1's question, the rivets are 3/16" diameter pop rivets. I would imagine the length would be short.

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