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Thread: How to identify a bad Transmission Solenoid?

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    How to identify a bad Transmission Solenoid?

    If the Transmission Solenoid is bad and needs replacing what would be the signs... fault codes? bad shifting? check engine light?

    Interested to learn just in-case. Thanks.
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    Any or all of the above
    A deeper scan (drbIII) can further diagnose what exactly the issue is.
    Transmission shops and Chrysler dealers should have this tool.
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    P0700 is the initial code for a trans problem, and the scanner ratsttam mentioned is needed for real diagnosis.

    If the the solenoid pack is malfunctioning, you may be in limp mode (not able to go above 2nd gear and 35 mph).

    I had my TCM go in my 01 Chrysler Sebring Convertible a couple years ago. CEL came on and the car went into limp mode. Part cost about $100 or so on the 41TE transmission.
    - Kevin

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    Slow or clunky shifting has always been the reason for me to replace the solenoid. Usually fixes it too. Also leaking from the pack is another reason for replacement.
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    Yea, mine was slowly leaking red fluid that's how i found my problem.
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    How to identify a bad Transmission Solenoid?

    The question has been asked before per this Thread.

    This site will help you understand your transmission better as to its operation. Another site.
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    your thread link is bad.

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    Solenoid packs usually fail internally due to contamination, metal bits in the fluid clog up the tiny screens. Most of the time they just leak from the front cover, and they need to be replaced.
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    And, when you absolutely, positively want to change the sol pack..... go here:

    It's sooooo simple.
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    I can tell you the story of my solenoid pack going:

    My mom would take the car about 40km to work everyday. One day when i was getting a ride, i noticed the car would have trouble shifting (late, sloppy, etc.), the following day, the van quit shifting at all and we were stuck in 1st gear on roads with 80km/h limits. Luckily the size of the engine allows it to reach higher speeds at lower gears, and averaged abotu 4krpm daily, did burn through a ton of gas though.

    Fixed it by changing the solenoid.

    I knew nothing about cars back then, so couldn't give you more details on the situation than that.

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