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Thread: AC compressor

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    Red face AC compressor

    I have a 1997 plymouth grand voyager 3.3 the AC compressor is making a grinding noise and also smells like burn metal is it possible that the pulley is bad, or the pulley of the AC compressor is not replaceable.

    Thanks for your help,
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    The Pulley or clutch will do that. Have someone turn the air on and off while you watch the "pulley" to see if it clicks on and off solidly, and not slipping. The asbestos will burn up and smell if it is slipping. If you suspect it, I would replace the entire unit and pray the compressor has not already begun to shed metal. Replacing the AC before it fails is smarter, you do not have to flush metal out of everything which is very expensive. If you have H valves front and back replace them when you do this to prevent breaking them apart later. If you are going to keep the van it is worth it, especially in Texas. I grew up in your area, Went to Charles A Gill elementary and my brothers went to Hill, Sis graduated from Bryan Adams in 61. Don't mess with Texas!
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