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Thread: Do all caravans 2005 and later have Stow'n Go seating?

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    Do all caravans 2005 and later have Stow'n Go seating?

    I know the feature was introduced in 2005. Is it only for grand caravans (not the regular smaller ones)? Is it only select models or all models? Or does this change by the year?
    thanks in advance.

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    No, they started in 05 I believe, but that year they offered both options, normal and Stow and Go.
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    05 was the first year only offered in grand caravan, not the short ones. you can find 05 to 07 gen 4 grand caravans either with or without sto n go, i think it was optional on lower end models (se) but all sxt and sport have it 05 and later i believe

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    I have an 01 DGC with middle captains chairs and I am considering changing for a later 4gen or gen5, but all the ones I look at had stow'n'go. I find the seats to be a little thin and wonder how they hold up to a pair of teenagers?

    Any experiences from gen4 owners with stow'n'go and how they handle normal wear and tear?

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    We are very pleased with our 05 SXT and the Stow and Go. While I agree that the seats are not quite as comfortable as the ones in our previous 97 Grand Caravan Sport, they are liveable and our two teens have no complaints.

    The reality of going to the store, and being able to fold some or all of the seats into the floor to haul things is priceless. Having to return home first to unload the removable ones in the 97 was apain, and then were not light nor easy to wrestle in/out.

    I recommend S and G if you will need to haul things frequently.

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    I also have a 2005 DGC and the only reason I bought it was for Stow-n-Go. It is great having it. You can go to the store and hide things inside the big storage bins. I can haul more stuff than I could haul in my old Dodge Dakota. I always keep the middle passenger side stowed. I'm always shoving something in the side door.

    Yes, those seats are firmer than the old ones. But we had people ride for hours back there in a recent trip to Ohio from Arizona. 2,100 miles and no one complained. The trade off of firmer seats for Stow-n-Go is defiantly worth it.
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    I just wanted to add something.

    2005 was indeed the first year for stow and go on the LWB models. A very few made early on after that did not have stow and go, but most all did.

    On the GC SE, the 3rd row only is stow and go. It is a 60-40 bench and folds into the well behind it. On the SEs, the 2nd row doesn't stow. It's a bench that folds but you have to roll it out like the older ones. There are compartments below it though.

    On the GC SXTs, there is full stow and go seating and the 2nd row is captain's chairs that fold into the compartments, and the 3rd row is the same as the GC SE.

    On the SWB from 05-07, there are usually either a 3rd row bench and 2nd row bench on the SE, or there is a split 3rd row bench and quad seats in the 2nd row on the SXT. These don't stow of course, they only fold and you have to roll them out.
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    Just gonna say, I have an 05 Caravan SXT (Short, not Grand). I don't have S&G seats, but I do have rollout, split 3rd row seats. They're all easy to remove, just finding a place to stow/store them is a bit of a pain at times. But then again, I don't pull them that often.
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    Take it from me as I have a 4th generation with and without. Stow-n-Go is well worth that small amount of seat padding you lose. My 03 seats will 'easy out roller' too, but that is really not easy, even with having plenty of room to store them in the garage. Pulling 3 levers and the seat is gone? That's easy.

    My wife's take, having the well in the back to keep groceries from rolling around is worth owning a stow-n-go van, even if you never use the stow-n-go feature. Plus the covered wells in front of the middle seats makes for a wonderful place for her to hide her pocketbook, or to stick the laptop (or other breakable items) during traveling, that way I know everything is safe.
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