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Thread: Cruise Control - Turns itself off ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistypotato View Post
    As a follow up to this.....

    During the two weeks of dry weather since I returned, I have used my Cruise Control extensively with no further trouble.

    Because my vehicle appears to have a relatively new windshield and because I have found a small amout of water on the floorboard during heavy rain I concluded that
    I have a leak that is allowing water to enter the dashboard area and affect the cruise control system, causing it to shut off.
    There are many posts about the drain tubes on the wiper tray clogging and causing the carpet to get wet. Just a thought.
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    First time I've heard of ya never know.

    Will check it tomorrow.

    Thanks !!!
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    Same issues

    Did you figure it out? I have a 99 Plymouth Voyager (dodge caravan) 3.0 that is doing the same/similar thing.

    - I can get in my car, start it, and cruise control will work perfectly fine.
    - But after some driving it will shut off. If I push the ON button for the cruise control nothing happens.
    - If I than turn off the car than turn the car back on I can get the cruise control light back on. But If I push the SET button the whole cruise control turns off again.
    - If I let the vehicle set for awhile it does the whole cycle all over again.

    Extra info
    - All lights on the dash and horn is working correctly.
    - Dealership told me that my vehicle has no recalls when I called them.
    - I check all vacuum hoses Via "engine starter spray" and there was no changes in idle. I did it when the engine was cold for safety reasons (with fire extinguisher). I am no mechanic so maybe I missed a spot. I hear no hissing sound but again I am no mechanic.
    - I had the van sitting through the winter and I realize that the driver's side back door doesn't unlock when I use the unlock button on the driver's door.
    - I do have a small shake in the vehicle I am currently trying to figure out. (tires got balanced and an aliment was done, safety was done too so front end is nice and tight)

    Recent repairs
    - I just bought the van half a year ago and it developed a bad misfire. I changed the spark plugs and spark plug wires and the misfire went away. (cruise control problem may of started right after these repairs)
    - Oil and filter filter was just change. (Old oil looked clean with the dip stick. (clear not black))
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    This is an old post after reading thru all of them, IMO the valve in the cruise control servo is highly suspect...the listed causes of symptoms of how it is described working / not working / sometimes it does sometimes not at all / light turns off sometimes engages a short time them goes off. Actually even getting many miles then cruise stops again. Rain / leaking etc / could be a small leak into the servo itself that affects the valve inside. For me that is where id would personally start by replacing, one can spend literally hours on end trying to pin point the exact cause, again IMO have found the servo with the listed problems replacing it solves the problem. Id rather spend $55 bucks than spend 5 hours and the problem still exists. If the servo dosent solve the problem THEN I would spend the hours maybe many hours its going to take to find out what else may be the problem. The cruise control of these minis can be an easy fix or a nightmare finding out the servo is NOT problem. This is only "my way" of doing the job and that comes from 50 yrs of having the exact issues many times on different vehicles and twice on my mini, mine was ALWAYS the servo. But to each their own on solving the problem...
    97 Dodge GC 3.8 ES AWD

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