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Thread: HVAC Question

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    HVAC Question

    Okay, I'm lovin' the new van (05 DGC SXT, 3.8l). One minor issue has come to light recently. Now that the temperature has taken a nosedive, I am now using the HVAC system more now. The issue is this: When I first start my van on a cold morning, I turn the HVAC on Defrost setting (Blowing on the windshield). I will leave it there until the windshield is completely clear, then I will turn it to the floor setting. The problem being, when I do this, rather than blowing to the floor vents, it blows out the vents in the dash. In fact the only way I can get the floor vents blow by themselves is to turn the control knob from defrost all the way to vent setting, then slowly back to floor setting.

    Now back in the day, a problem like this was due to a poorly adjusted, loose or broken cable. Obviously things have changed since then, and now my understanding of the inner workings of my vehicles HVAC system is vague at best. Thus: I have no idea what could be causing this problem.

    Does anybody know what's going on here? Also, can anybody point me to a good web site so I can update my understanding of how a vehicle's HVAC system works.
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    I generally leave mine in defrost/floor setting most of the time and go from there as needed. Sounds like your mechanism is a bit sluggish when cold. Any better when things are warmed up?
    Heat is full flow through your pipes, there are no control valves like there used to be.
    Take a look at the ARRC site for info: http://www.oplin.org/search/google/a...itesearch=#195
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    I know on the 3rd gens you can run a test to recalibrate the system, there may be a similar thing on the 4th gens. Someone here should know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hanibal View Post

    Thank you for this bit of information. I had noticed that the air coming from the floor vents was somewhat warm when the cold temperature was set. Performing this procedure fixed the problem.
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