2.4 to 3.8 swap

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Thread: 2.4 to 3.8 swap

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    Quote Originally Posted by user97 View Post
    Sounds like a can of warms to me -- swapping the engine is a solid 2-3 day project, not to mention the time involved in getting the engine and getting rid of the old one.

    I would NOT "upgrade" to 3.8 no matter what -- the tranny and other things will be different. By the time you are through with it, you'll have dozens of small parts under the hood to replace. If you choose to do anything, I'd drop in a 2.4 in there. Another question is how much money will you get out of it -- these vans aren't worth a whole lot to begin with ($1500-$2000 tops). If you spend $500 on it, your best reward would be $1000-1500 for a LOT of hassle.
    user97 is right.
    by the time you are finished, you could very possibly lose money.
    Others will disagree
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    Quote Originally Posted by user97 View Post
    Another question is how much money will you get out of it -- these vans aren't worth a whole lot to begin with ($1500-$2000 tops).
    I can tell you that regardless of what the Blue Book says, no one will sell a van that runs--even a much older one--for anywhere near these prices, unless it has body damage or super-high miles. A quick look on Craigslist shows many 1996 to 2002 Caravans, most with over 200,000 miles, selling for $1500 to $2500. Most of the 2003 to 2007 models are selling for $3000 to $3500, even with mileage that puts the "book value" closer to $2000. Heck, I even considered (but did not buy due to undisclosed functional problems) a 2007 Caravan with the 4-cylinder engine for $3000, and ended up buying a 1995 Caravan (4-cylinder) for $1600.

    I would say that if properly repaired--with the correct type of engine--the van could potentially sell for $2500 to $3000, assuming decent mileage and no body damage. It should be possible to either repair the existing engine, or buy a working used one from a junkyard, as well as replace any ancillary parts that would need replacing for under $1000, thus providing a decent profit. This, of course, assumes you go back with the 4-cylinder engine.

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