Selling for $750, OBO, you pick up/drive away. Spiffy Candy Apple red, new VOXX wheels and Goodyear TripleTreds, maintenance up-to-date. Made for me in Fenton, MO, but ready to let go, preferably to someone who loves the 3rd gen T&Cs. Details below:

1996 Chrysler T&C, 225K miles, Chicagoland
Possible costs to consider:
1. Front struts loose and leaking slowly; strut towers rusted (may be cause of grinding sound when turn steering wheel)
Possible repair: OEM Chrysler strut tower (not just the cap fix), see the Internet link:
and power steering fluid filter or cooler hoses may need replacing.
2. Parking brake inoperable – cable broke (though this issue doesn’t affect driveability).
3. Interstate MT34 battery 7years old may need replacing this year.
Otherwise, some body rust, but mostly good-looking van; nice cloth interior – no smoke & no pets; new wheels and tires; passed emissions tests; JVC radio/CD/MP3 etc. player installed, and original cassette radio player included; many new or good-condition parts (for example, muffler, tail pipe & resonator, serpentine belt, belt tensioner & idle pulley, front brake pads & rotors, left wheel bearings, inner tie rod, water pump, left outer tie rod end, radiator assembly, lower intake manifold & valve cover gaskets, multifunction & left front door ajar switch, starter assembly & ignition lock cylinder, fuel rail & filter, front crank seal & oil pan gasket, P.S. Lucas motor mount, coolant lines, O2 sensors, alternator, MAP sensor, window regulators, evaporator core, throttle position sensor, front sway bar links & bushings, fuel pump, timing chain, back engine head & gaskets, spark plugs, and more) if want to use van for parts. Original user manuals with service notes.