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    I think it would be cool to find a 2nd gen for cheap and mad max it.... pull the bumper covers off, gut the interior, weld on some kind of grille guard and fill the back of the van with survival gear and a few spares... tools and a few jerry back window(s)........
    1994 grand caravan vantage wheelchair conversion, 3.3 4 spd auto

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    "May I see a Priest?"
    "Im sorry sir there is no service today, the Priest is not here"
    "Do you wish to speak to the Pastor?"
    "Yes Maam"
    Please sit here and He will be right with you...............Stve sits down... the plastic desk and old wooden chair bringing back smells of Catholic schools...Rulers across hands and Sister Mary Ellenns..........
    Steves begins to feel that familiar heat behind his eyes as his whole life spins forth in front of him like a tree with every branch a memory/10
    "Son" ......."Son" Son???!!!
    Yeah...oh sorry Father I was just thinking you know
    "Yes I know"
    Father I have a spiritual problem"
    "What is is it then.........."
    ............. a long Pause as Steves Voice breaks a little with nervousness and a grave tone of pure power
    "My back room is full of Demons...."
    The IPhone concealed in the left front pocket of the Holy Man sounds off once like a notification of sorts)
    The priest looks dead in Mace's Eyes
    Father Can you bless me and help me i feel it all around me ,,,,,,,,,............""""""""""?!
    The IPhone concealed in the left front pocket of the holy man again....the notification
    of sorts
    Yes my Son?"
    Could you please put your phone in the other room until this is over?
    The Pastor goes into the other room to place the phone away
    away from what must be said
    "Yes father"
    Kneel down and pray as I anonit you with these oils"
    Dios Te Guarde.........
    In the name of The Holy Father The Son and the Holy Ghost
    May God keep you
    Until next time my friends
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