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Thread: Erratic Instrument Cluster

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    UPDATE 2:
    My erratic cluster is back!!!! I thought the problem was fixed after the battery replacement. It came back after nearly 2 months and 2,000 miles later. What I have noticed from day one is whenever the battery has been disconnected, the problem seems to go away for weeks or months. This has been the case three times now. The first time was when I replaced the cable ends. Once after I pulled the battery and tray to check the ground. Finally when I replaced the battery last month. What the heck! Does this seem indicative of any particular source where the problem stems from? This tends to go hand in hand with my original post. When I shut the vehicle down and restart, the erratic cluster always goes away for a day or two. Power down the entire van and the problem is gone for a month or more.

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    Had a buddy with crazy gauge cluster and all lights going nuts at random. Eventually it would not start. Replaced ECM (2002 model). Fixed. But it sounds more like the IPM or BCM. Possibly a bad connection/lack of power to the BCM or gauge cluster. For $10 you can probably pick up a junkyard IPM (Fuse box) and swap it out. The boards can fail and cause a loss of current to functions. Check the main positive terminal underneath the box as well. I pulled motor and trans, went through wiring, and never once looked underneath the fuse box when i did all that. It flips to the left when unlatched.

    My buddy brought his van back over a few weeks ago because the speedo needle decided to do a 360 and get stuck. This happened after the battery died. Try calibrating your gauge cluster next time. I believe you simply hold the trip button in until the cluster goes crazy and finally stops. Or maybe I had to press the trip button 3 times and hold it in... can't remember. I had to do this on our Caravan as well.

    I'll have to look in the service manual and see what controls the odometer. I do know it is sensitive to low voltage. Heck, maybe your alternator is on its way out and it is just going unnoticed. I had rectifier diodes fail and pump alternating current through the system and cause all types of goofy stuff. Generally a battery drain when sitting when this happens.

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    Our 2002 T&C gets spooky when the battery voltage gets low. That happened on the highway when the serpentine belt slipped on the alternator. After 20 miles driving, and the battery getting low, I pulled over and the dash needles started jumping wildly, the windshield wipers started actuating, the transmission display showed all gears lit, ...

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