What you did to/with your vehicle today (2017 Edition)

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Thread: What you did to/with your vehicle today (2017 Edition)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEVY View Post
    If that is a O2 sensor, exchange it for a Denso one. Bosch's are known to fail.
    I wasn't sure if I should say anything but I have heard bad things about Bosch sensors.
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    Monday I did a good cleaning of the van in and washed the outside. She's shiny now
    2011 Toyota Corolla 71,500 kms--Mom's DD
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    I finally got around to doing something I should have done 4 years ago.
    I have a 1999 Grand Voyager with a 3.8 engine. I do not know who designed the oil filler cap for that engine/year but that person should be stoned! Or maybe they were stoned when they designed it, I don't know.......
    Anyway, the cap is a two piece plastic design that has plastic fingers on the inside. When it is screwed into the valve cover, the fingers provide sufficient friction to allow it to be installed, but when it is installed all the way the fingers ride over each other and click, letting you know it's on all the way. To unscrew it, the fingers engage one another and permit the cap to be removed.
    Heat eventually wears out the plastic and the fingers fail, meaning the cap can't be removed!
    The cap must be broken to get it off the engine. The first one failed on me about 4 years ago. My wife's '98 Voyager (may it rest in piece) had a 3.3 with a conventional filler cap, the type that has the two metal ears sticking out the bottom sides that go into holes in the valve cover. I should have replaced the valve cover with one from a 3.3 back then, but I just bought a couple of caps from the local U-Pull-It. In the space of 4 years, they have both failed.
    So this morning I went out there and bought a valve cover from a '96-'98 (not sure what the year was, or what year Chrysler went to the clicky caps) van that had a 3.8 engine. I also bought a spare cap, though I doubt this one will ever wear out, no moving parts. The cover is pretty grungy, though, which isn't a surprise because only two of the valve cover bolts were tight enough to require breaking loose with a socket!
    I need to get some parts cleaner to clean it up, then onto my van it goes! No more busted oil filler caps!
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    I did something to my van yesterday, something that I should have done four years ago, also. Got tired of the intermittent ABS light on the dash, and having failed to find the faulty wiring, or even the location of the crash sensor, I finally pulled the instrument cluster, and blocked out the lamp. Btw, the clock spring has been ruled out as a cause of the light being on. So there is a small plastic channel in the cluster body for the path of the light beam from the circuit board to the icon on the panel. I just filled the channel with something to block the beam. And what could be better to fill it with than Red Greens handyman secret weapon? Duct tape, of course. No more ABS light, which is especially annoying at night.

    And on to changing the radiator tomorrow. Its had that pinhole leak for probably two years now.
    2001 Voyager LX, 3.3, 190,000 miles

    Past vehicles:
    1995 Caravan, 3.0
    1994 Town and Country 3.8
    1989 Grand Caravan 3.0
    1985 Voyager LE 2.6
    1984 Voyager LE 2.6

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