P0133 Code?

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Thread: P0133 Code?

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    P0133 Code?

    My check engine light came on my 05 and the code scanner said it was a P0133, which relates to the O2 sensor. Anyone deal with this? I reset the code, ran errands which required about 40 minutes of drive time, but the code hasn't resurfaced.
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    P0133 OBD-II Trouble Code
    Technical Description

    Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response (Bank1, Sensor1)
    What does that mean?

    This involves the front oxygen sensor on Bank 1. This code indicates the engine air fuel ratio is not being adjusted by the oxygen sensor signal or the ECM as expected to do so, or not adjusted as often as expected to do so once the engine is warmed or under normal engine use.

    You will likely not notice any drivability problems, although there may be symptoms.

    A code P0133 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:

    * The oxygen sensor is faulty
    * The wiring to the sensor is broken / frayed
    * There is an exhaust leak

    Possible Solutions

    The simplest thing to do is to reset the code and see if it comes back.

    If the code comes back, the problem is more than likely the front Bank 1 oxygen sensor. You will likely wind up replacing it but you should also consider these possible solutions:

    * Check and fix any exhaust leaks
    * Check for wiring problems (shorted, frayed wires)
    * Check the frequency and amplitude of the oxygen sensor (advanced)
    * Check for a deteriorating / contaminated oxygen sensor, replace if necessary
    * Check for inlet air leaks
    * Check the MAF sensor for proper operation

    O2 sensor is likely failing (they do loose sensitivity over time)
    A slow or lazy o2 can also effect fuel economy

    If it (the code) comes back replace the sensor. How many miles on your van?

    If you end up replacing the sensor, you want to change the "upstream" (before catalytic converter) sensor.

    If you want an aftermarket O2 sensor I recommend NTK brand. They make a lot of the Mopar OEM sensors and will definitely be cheaper than the dealer

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    P0133 - Upstream oxygen sensor, slow response.

    I had that sensor on my 2002 replaced a few months back, the code P1035 (heater failure) was showing. The sensor is on top of the rear exhaust manifold (upstream of the convertor, versus the down stream, of the convertor, sensor) and has, what looks like a spring, fastened to it. From the Passenger's side, you can look down over the valve pan cover and beyond to the exhaust manifold to see it. The new sensor comes with an electrical cable attached (as does the old one), and requires a socket or wrench with a slit in it to accomodate the wire. It also comes with anti-seize already on it - don't add any.
    I bought it from the Dealer for $93.00 "trade price" plus tax (not cheap). Part # for the 2002 was 4686938AB.
    The Mechanic did the work from the top although the procedures reference, he was using, said from underneath. From underneath was too hard, ineffective - he tried.
    PS: The 2005 seems less expensive per a comparison on this site:
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    Both 02's on our 05 died before 20k. I think they got a run of bad parts myself. So far, no more 02 issues at 39k (knock on wood)

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    The damned check engine light came back. I guess the van wasn't lying. I'll post how to fix.
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