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: DIY Xmission Fluid Change on 1998 GdCvn AWD

10-25-2011, 06:25 PM
So far as I know, there are 3 different places and fluids to change on the 1998 GdCvn AWD:
__PTU (under the engine but above the horizontal X-shaped frame plate),
__regular xmission fluid with the regular, easily accessible pan for which you have to change the gasket each time, and
__read differential which has its own reservoir between the back wheels.
Please tell me if I'm wrong?

And does the car have a xmission fluid pan that has to be dropped, with the filter and gasket changed? What are the best ones to use?

I'm concerned to get everything done right because, reading about the proper complete fluid change for this car, I read about a procedure I don't know about, (can't find these old threads) that might suggest still an other place to fill with fluid.
Please give me a DIY xmission fluid change roundup?
(and a step-by-step with DO's and DON'T's would be great!) :)